My Approach

It is my mission to help you cultivate health, resiliency, personal empowerment, and feelings of comfort and safety in your body, and joy in your experience of life.

I do this by being present to you, regarding you as a whole person with integrity, and deserving of the utmost respect and kindness. I use techniques founded in Buddhist and Yogic philosophy and practices, psychology, neuroscience, & the arts.


These techniques include movement, discussion, meditation, bodywork, & creative expression.


I will help you to see, with compassion, the parts of you that suffer, to learn from those parts; and I will help you reconnect with the parts of you that enjoy life. I will help you determine your needs and boundaries, teach you skills of personal awareness, and assist you with setting and attaining short- and long-term goals. You can learn to discern what is truly important to you in order to cultivate joy on a daily basis and maintain inner peace and contentment, ultimately creating the life you desire. 

I will never diagnose you or tell you what is “wrong” with you, and my work is not prescriptive.