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About Me

I am a yoga therapist, artist, mentor, teacher, and coach. In my personal journey, I have gone from surviving...to living...to thriving!

I work with survivors, those who are coping, and 'just hanging on.' I work with adults and young people who have experienced intense challenges, from divorce and traumatic loss to painful childhoods, chronic illness and other crises.  I work with those who are out of touch with who they are and with those who learn differently. I help them reconnect with themselves so that they are able to regulate their emotions and behavior, manage relationships, experience self-acceptance, and enjoy life. Building resiliency and contentment supports a healthy and happy life. Read more about Embodied and Yoga Therapy by clicking on: My Approach.

Practicing yoga and meditation keeps me sane in a world that can get pretty chaotic. Meditation for me takes many forms, from sitting on a cushion to taking a walk or creating a new piece of art. These practices keep me grounded, present to myself and those around me. Self-care is a must.

I also enjoy being with my family, gardening, and playing with our pets. Hiking and camping are high on my list of fun things to do. Movement, creativity, and nature feed my soul. 

My professional qualifications include certification through the highest authority in the field, International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT,) as a Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Therapeutic Life Mentor and Group Facilitator, and through Yoga Alliance as an Experienced 500 Hour Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500.) I am a professional mentor and faculty member for the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy.  I have a BA in psychology, continued education in Fine Arts, and I am a current Graduate Student in Public Health, with a focus on increasing cultural and trauma sensitivity in program and curriculum development and delivery.


Specializing in Embodied Therapy, Meditation and Healing Arts

Embodied Therapy, Coaching, & Meditation

Most 1:1 and group sessions include all three of these techniques. There is no "right" way to receive a session, and you might want to think of participating in this unique style as "practice." I'll guide you to pay attention to yourself (breath, body, mind, emotions, & more) moment-to-moment, to context and apply what you learn beyond your sessions, and how this practice supports healing, removing  barriers, accomplishing goals, and being empowered. You will move your body, may receive bodywork, pay attention to yourself, and talk with me about what you notice. Ultimately, using this information to help you heal and move through your situation and create the life that makes you spirit soar.

I will never diagnose or prescribe, though I may recommend or suggest other practices or therapeutic processes. If you'd like me to discuss our work together with another provider, that can be arranged.

Receiving Coaching is an inspired response to the desire for lasting change. It's a courageous commitment to yourself. You want to leave your job and start your own business, go back to school, end a relationship, or move across the country? I ask for an 8-week commitment from you in order to jumpstart the life you desire. In 8-weeks, I will teach you how to navigate the changes you desire through experiences of Body-Mindfulness, Awareness, Acceptance, Choice, Discernment, Truth, Truth-in-Action, and Flow. Coaching is tailored to your specific desired life enhancements, and includes weekly 75-minute 1:1 Coaching sessions, daily home practice designed specifically for you, and e-mail correspondence and support as needed.

Healing Arts

Healing and Expressive Arts serve as a wordless means to let one speak the truth of what they see, feel, think, and experience. I use Art in my practice as a means to express that which may need to remain wordless, as meditation, and as part of what I call Integration. My clients generally find this to be a valuable tool to be used in session and outside of session.


Groups are held intermittently for

4-8 weeks, utilize a variety of techniques including, but not limited to: Embodied Therapy, Coaching, Meditation, and Integrative Arts. Groups are designed to serve a variety of populations. Some recent groups  include: Transforming Trauma, Body Love, Need for Silence and Stillness, and Parenting Tricky Kids. If you'd like to see your situation or need addressed in a Group, to have the support of others in similar situations, let's discuss. 

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For Parents

As a parent and step-parent, I understand the need for support. As a professional who has supported families in many capacities, I get it.  Do you have a "tricky kid" who learns or expresses different than the "social norm," has experienced trauma, or struggles in other ways? I am here to support you and your family. It is painful to witness the suffering of our children, and the techniques I use help to develop increased compassion for yourself as the parent, and for your child. I offer concepts that I like to refer to as "parenting from the heart," even on extremely trying days. If this sounds like you, I'm here to support you on your parenting journey.

For Adolescents

Learning to be mindful of your self, your body, your thoughts, and your emotions can help you navigate the difficulties that come with adolescence, and can assist you in regulating your responses in social, home, or school settings. If you have experienced trauma or crises, learn differently, get teased and judged for who you are, and maybe even feel shut-down, I can help you learn new ways to relate to yourself and the world and people around you.